Astro Photography Workshop

Astro Photography Workshop

A workshop in which we explore the night skies and focus on capturing the Milky Way as a backdrop to our landscape images. An understanding of the basics of photography will be useful, but the workshop is suitable for photographers of all levels looking to improve their astro photography skills.

We will examine how to set up a camera for night photography and cover exposure, aperture and ISO controls to ensure we achieve the best results from our shots. We will also examine live view and night time compositions.

Courses can be tailored to your experience level and start at £120 per person for a four hour session. These can either be one-to-one, or in a group of up to three to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get to grips with photographing the night skies. Due to the nature of the skies in South East England, a degree of flexibility is required to ensure we select a night with minimum cloud cover for best results.

A follow up online image review session will allow us to discuss the photos, as well as cover any post production questions you may have. An archive quality print of your choice from the session in a 20x16" mount is included in the price.

What you'll need
Your camera equipment and a stable tripod if you have one. I can provide a tripod if needed. Suitable warm clothing and walking boots. A head torch is useful but not essential.

Workshops can be arranged at a mutually convenient time in or near the Folkestone area, or at another agreed venue.