The Milky Way, Deadvlei, Namibia
Dirk Seyfried Photography

The Milky Way, Deadvlei, Namibia

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Close to Sossusvlei in Namibia, Deadvlei is a clay pan characterized by dark, dead camel thorn trees contrasted against the white pan floor. The pan was formed when the Tsauchab River flooded and the abundance of water allowed camel thorn trees to grow. However, the climate changed and the sand dunes encroached on the pan, blocking the river from reaching the area. The trees are estimated to be approximately 900 years old, but have not decomposed due to the dry climate. The Milky Way is still visible, as is the Large Magellanic Cloud to the right of the Milky Way. The light coming from the left illuminating the sand dunes to the right, is the rising full moon.

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